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6 Questions to Ask Your Shared Hosting Provider


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It is affordable, but it still offers all the tools and features you need. You can get more from your hosting by adding on additional add-ons. These add-ons can enhance the functionality of your hosting by providing useful tools. These add-ons include security measures, backup tools and email hosting. Let’s first understand what web hosting is.


What is web hosting?


Web hosting simply means that you can publish your website via the Internet. It’s your website’s home, where all files, databases, and other services are stored.  cheap managed dedicated servers Hosting companies offer web hosting services. They also build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to make it possible. They offer web hosting services, including renting server space and providing associated services for individuals and businesses who want to publish blogs and websites online.


Hosting plans are a way to buy server space for your website or blog. You can also start with Shared Hosting. This is a popular option for new website owners. What is Shared Hosting?


A shared website hosting service allows you to host multiple websites on one server. All resources of the server are shared by all sites, including storage and processing time. Hosting providers can offer hosting space at very affordable prices because many websites share the same server. This is an established platform and is one of the oldest types of hosting. As your website grows, you will require more features to make it more functional. While some features will provide a better user experience, others will increase security and stability of your website.


Let’s take a look at the add-ons you can purchase with your Shared Hosting plan in order to improve your website’s performance.


Here are some useful web hosting add-ons that you should consider


Hosting providers offer additional services beyond the basic plans. Add-ons can be described as extra services. These services are often included in the hosting provider’s web hosting plans at no extra cost.


You can choose the add-ons you require, such as a buffet system, that are optional and cost extra. These add-ons can be purchased from your hosting provider, making it easier to integrate them into your website.


These are our top picks for handy add-ons to your website that will make it more powerful and easier to maintain and manage.


SSL Certificates


SSL (Secure Socket Layer), protects website data between your server, and the user. It encrypts all outgoing data to prevent interception, and then decrypts it at the user’s request. Even if your website doesn’t deal with sensitive or financial information, you must obtain an SSL certificate. It confers a seal of confidence that ensures website visitors of site safety standards.


Hosting providers provide a basic SSL Plan for free with all hosting plans. Providers can also link up with SSL providers such as Comodo SSL to offer SSL Certificates for a nominal fee on their websites. Integration is made easier by purchasing an SSL through your web hosting provider.


Automated Backup


Your website backup is your last line defense against data loss. You don’t have much time to repair your website if it crashes or is hacked. Your site will be less popular the longer it is down. CodeGuard is an automated backup tool that protects your data and does not require intervention. CodeGuard gives you the most recent copy of your website that you can restore.


Website Security


Site security is crucial to maintaining your site’s credibility. SiteLock, an anti-malware tool, actively detects and fixes threats by running a 360deg scan every day. SiteLock automatically detects and repairs threats. You can focus on your business while you’re assured your website is protected by a strong security system. Site security is highly recommended.


Content Delivery Network (CDN).


The Internet is moving at lightning speed! It still takes some time for data to travel from the server to the user. It will take longer if the data must travel a greater distance. The site may be slower if the server is located in India and the user in the US. CloudFlare, a Content Delivery Network, replicates your website’s data across a global network. It responds to user requests at the closest server and speeds up page loads. Since CDN has become a requirement for web hosting, more providers are integrating Content Delivery Networks into their plans.


Business email hosting


A free email service is not good for your business. Imagine being able to send important business communications through an email account. To build your credentials, get a domain-matching business email. This shows you are serious and your communication is more trustworthy. Your users shouldn’t mark your email spam. For your new website, get a Business Email Hosting account.





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Wilmer Brennan
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