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And now for my wm casino next trick….


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Hey Bullwinkle – watch me pull a rabbit wm casino my hat! Well, no rabbit, just a post…. but some days, that does seem like magic.

Welcome back to my little corner of the universe! It has been an extremely busy time since we got back from Vegas, but I’m sure it would bore most people… it’s interesting to me since I had to live through it. Quick highlights to explain….

– My Mom came to visit the day after we got home. This is a great thing, actually. I love my Mom and never get to see her enough. Plus, she makes me cheesecake. 🙂 She stayed for 3 weeks… and while she has succeeded in making my house a little more girly and looking a little more lived in (I HAVE CURTAINS NOW!), I spend most of my time wth her when she’s here.

– The Atlantic City Expressway sucks. I became a gaper delay on the weekend after we got back. My truck got rear-ended twice… since I was the first car of a 3-car pileup. I must say that I was very impressed with NJ’s accident response – start to finish, including the switch over to the other side of the road for paperwork, we only lost 20 minutes of our trip. Truck is in the shop now. I’m driving a Ford Focus. Now, if I’d wanted to drive a Focus, I would’ve bought one. Definitely not for me. And the shop is now saying I won’t get my car back until tomorrow or Saturday… even though the original estimate was 3 days and I dropped it off Monday. I’m not happy with them right now.

– I’ve won my last two pool matches. My pool skills have been kicking butt lately… and its surprising since I haven’t been playing as much. Maybe I was focused in too much and couldn’t see enough of the big picture. I can’t say as much for shuffleboard… we’re not gonna make it into the playoffs this session. I guess you can’t be a winner at *everything*, no matter how hard you try. I guess I could just blame my partners… LOL

– Speaking of focusing, I’ve been playing poker again lately. It comes and goes in waves for me. I’m riding the crest of a killer wave right now. I’m still playing low limits since its all my bankroll will support. After losing everything on Full Tilt earlier this year, I decided I wasn’t going to deposit anymore. I’d just wait until my advertising credit hit my account and play from there. Over the last 3 or 4 months, I’ve taken those credits and doubled the amount. My play has been pretty solid, and I’m doing my best not to play while I’m tired for my mind is elsewhere and I can’t concentrate.

– Allergies suck. Need 18 hours of sleep when they hit this bad. Can’t seem to get more than 7 lately. …even when I do, I feel like crap. Ugh.

– Work is busy… lots of stuff to do. Haven’t heard about a live interview for the other job I was looking at. Very disappointing. Gotta call them today to see what’s up. Turns out my friend will probably no longer be working there soon. Who knows… maybe it’s for the best. Maybe he can get me in where he’s gonna be working. I like to work with cool people…

– Fish is still alive. Officemate didn’t kill him. This is a good thing. I spend half my time at work zoning out, staring at said fish. This is a bad thing. …but he’s got such a pretty tail!

Ok… I think my mind is progressing into the deeper stages of poor mental health. Brain dump is complete, for now. Still have more to say, but there’s no juice to get it out into this media. Maybe, just for fun, I’ll take a picture of the keyboard imprints on my forehead from when I pass out on the keyboard. It will make for a good logo on the blog. Sending best wishes and good Karma to whoever needs it…


Wilmer Brennan
Wilmer Brennan
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