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Is Driving with a Cold the Same as Driving Drunk | Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc

A recent study in the UK suggests that people who drive while suffering from cold or flu symptoms may experience the same motoring tendencies that effect people who drive under the influence. If you are really health caution and looking for better consulting on “Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc“, please visit “” today.
According to this study, people who drive while ill see their ability to successfully operate a motor vehicle drop by fifty percent when compared to the same skill of healthy drivers. Sick drivers suffer from reduced reaction time and find that their concentration is impaired so much that researchers have compared them to drivers who have consumed four double whiskeys.
Young Marmalade, the United Kingdom insurance agency who, along with Cardiff University in Wales, conducted the study, warns that motorists should be aware of the impact that driving while sick can have on their operating skills, including an impairment of judgment as well as mood. The Cardiff University research team reported that they simulated driving among those participating in the study by using a black telematics box that recorded the speed and braking of the drivers studied.
However, when ABC News requested to see the full study, neither Young Marmalade nor Cardiff University offered it up. Therefore, the whole story has yet to be revealed, which has caused some skepticism among other researchers, who feel that, without all the findings, a complete assessment of them is impossible.
Staff doctors from the department of infectious diseases in a Omaha, Nebraska, hospital have questioned the findings, wondering publicly about how common is it for a driver who is ill to suffer the same effects that an intoxicated driver does, or if it is a rare occurrence. The press release regarding the study does not answer those questions.
This is a potentially sobering study to ponder, especially considering that in America half a billion colds are suffered in an average year. And though there is no data about accidents related to the common symptoms of colds and flus, ninety percent of Americans are on the road every day, and it is possible that there could be a million sick drivers among them.
It does seem like common sense to assume that a driver’s skill and ability to drive, as well as their alertness and the time it takes them to react, would be impaired by illness. Sick people, especially those with high fevers, are usually encouraged to stay at home where they can rest and recover, as well as reduce the risk of infecting others. Physicians report that there can be significant mental impairment related to illness, not to mention the ways that drivers can be influenced or made by drowsy by cold medicine (which usually warns against operating motor vehicles when in effect). Non-narcotic medication, meanwhile, does not present a significant problem. However, many researchers agree that the majority of people driving while ill are not as likely to suffer from the same symptoms exhibited by people driving while abusing substances.

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Zoom Teeth Whitening | Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach

A fast and easy way to make a smile more attractive is Zoom teeth whitening. This process may be considered fast because the procedure lasts less than an hour. This process may be considered easy because it is performed by a professional practitioner, who probably has done the same procedure quite a few times as popular as it has become. Upon asking friends if they have done this, several could give a positive responseIn you are interested in learning about “Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach“, visit this website– today.
This procedure is done with a hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied to the teeth and a lamp to activate it. The bulb in the lamp is bright with violet spectrum rays much like sun rays and so, the protection of any exposed areas of face, lips, gums and tongue will need to be observed. The technician may take several minutes to assure this protection is in place before beginning the process.
After the safeguards are in place, three 15 minute periods of light directed at the gel covered teeth ensues. When this is finished, the professional removes the applied materials and the patient may leave the office with a brighter smile. There may also be some touch up applications for home use given at that time. This method has been studied by scientists in all of the parts, with an eye to safety and effectiveness.
A person’s smile may become less white due to aging. Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking may also contribute to a less than sparkling smile. These facts may explain why teeth whitening are so popular with patients and why dentists are performing this procedure on so many people.
Natural teeth are the target of this course of action. Crowns, caps and veneers may become less bright over time and with use of the staining beverages, but the gel and light treatment will only lighten to original hue. Because of this, the effect and desired outcome could mean that the patient will want to obtain other services to get the result being sought.
Side effects have been studied as well, with tooth pain being the most reported from people having this remedy. Dental professionals may prescribe mild pain relievers to counteract this and claim that the effects abate within twenty-four hours. Still, personal recommendations for this therapy by associates who have had it done could be one reason for its continued popularity.
Because of the convenience and speed of this particular treatment, it remains popular. There is some touch up procedures for home for the following weeks, but the process is largely done after leaving the office and is long lasting. The cost is mid-range for a cosmetic treatment and as such, is probably not covered by any insurance
This treatment is long lasting and considered semi-permanent because the enamel is bleached. The treatment may last as long as the coffee, tea and smoking habits don’t compromise the newly cleaned surface and begin to stain it.
In business and in making personal connections, many people feel that an attractive smile is the best way to may a good impression. A smile can be quirky, mysterious, a full out grin. Another thing a smile can be is white. Science and popular demand may be the two reasons why Zoom Teeth Whitening can give a person that very thing,

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jili slot

History of the term casino and jili slot

Casino da Povoa, a Portuguese casino that opened in early 1930s
The jili slot originally meant a small villa, summerhouse or pavilion built for pleasure, usually on the grounds of a larger Italian villa or palazzo. There are examples of such casinos at Villa Giulia and Villa Farnese. In modern day Italian, this term designates a bordello (literally «closed house»), while the gambling house is spelled casino with an accent.
One of the first known casinos was established in Venice around 1638. During the 19th century, the term «casino» came to include other public buildings where pleasurable activities, including gambling, and sports took place. An example of this type of building is the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island.
Not all casinos were used for gaming. The Copenhagen Casino was a theatre, known for the use made of its hall for mass public meetings during the 1848 Revolution which made Denmark a constitutional monarchy. Until 1937 it was a well-known Danish theatre. The Hanko Casino located in Hanko, Finland – one of that town’s most conspicuous landmarks – was never used for gambling. Rather, it was a banquet hall for the Russian nobility which frequented this spa resort in the late 1800s, and is presently used as a restaurant.
Several useful tips for Togel Singaporewinners
It’s known that gambling has become a hefty industry, attracting millions of players each year. People gamble both for money and fun. It’s always exciting to take a risk and end up winning a fortune. However we shouldn’t forget that gambling leads inexperienced players to losses as well. How to prevent your losses at maximum? Here go some useful online casino tips.
Each player can find a particular game that will suit his interests. Those having a hankering for card games will be offered Blackjack or Poker, those who tend to rely on luck will be able to try slots.
Another thing you should not forget is that online casino is a place for people having a decent amount of money. If you are not afraid to lose at all then just get down to the games, but if your sum is limited try to establish the amount you can afford to lose.
A player should be very careful in choosing a game at online casino. If it’s a beginner, he’d better choose a game with familiar rules and the one he’ll be playing confidently at. Roulette is a game of technique so a newcomer might get confused easily. If you’re going to play card games choose a table a minimum amount of decks and higher stakes.
A player always has a choice, since there are thousands of online casinos with their various games. One can find anything he is interested in and enjoy the process of gaming.

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European 에볼루션카지노Capital 2008

Dublin has been awarded the title of European 에볼루션카지노Capital 2008 by Bluff Europe. Amsterdam, Vienna and Barcelona filled the remaining top five slots.
Dublin was chosen for the title ahead of last year’s winner, London because of the proliferation of card rooms such as the Fitzwilliam, Sporting Emporium and Silks, as well as the success of the Irish Poker Open. Dublin’s has proved its quality as a poker destination.
For the man credited with bringing Texas Hold’em to Ireland, Liam ‘Gentleman’ Flood, the news came as no surprise. The well known poker player said “The thing that differentiates Dublin to other place is the craic. There are lots of good characters playing poker in Dublin and you can see that in the banter that is at the tables. There are a lot of people playing poker and the people who are running the card rooms are concentrating on poker. Everybody is catered for in Ireland, from the €10 player to the guy who wants to play for €1,000. A lot of the English players are tight and a lot of the Irish players are gamblers, but, of course, you can have everything and anything in between.”
California Online Poker Bill shelved
An estimated 2 million Californian online poker players anxiously awaiting the result of Assemblyman Lloyd Levine’s online poker bill, AB 2026, will have to wait until 2009. The bill was put on the shelf for the remainder of the year, and scheduled to be reintroduced to the Senate Appropriations Committee next January.
The bill was originally introduced in February 2008 to study the potential of legalising online poker in California but was then revised to actually legalise the act of playing online poker, rather than just studying the issue. There has been no official statement given as to why the bill has been shelved again.
PKR poker reaches two million members
Another milestone was reached this week by PKR poker online when they signed up their two millionth member. This comes less than a year after signing up its one millionth member. This is no mean feat considering the uncertain economic climate, and the fact that they do not accept players residing in the U.S.A.
The launch of PKR TV, an hour long TV show that reaches a potential audience of over 15m across Europe, and the introduction of the Club PKR loyalty programme, as well as the publishing of Stacked, their consumer magazine, has surely contributed in a big way to their success, not forgetting the great choice of bonuses on offer to new online Togel Hari Inipoker players. Become part of the fastest moving online poker phenomenon now, and claim your choice of PKR bonuses designed to match every level of play.

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AFL Round 14 Footy Tips and Odds

Round 14′s matches have some very short priced favourites including the Pies paying a tiny $1.06 to beat the Eagles. This has made this weeks tips much easier than others although there are a couple of tricky games in the Crows V먹튀검증and Richmond V Sydney where the odds are much more even.
Best Bet of Round 14
This week I’m taking Adelaide to win at the even $2.00 line at -11.5 points. 먹튀검증are known for their attracive line betting and my prediction is that the Crows will cover the line easily.
Carlton V Brisbane Thursday Night at Etihad Stadium
Tip: Carlton
Odds: Carlton 1.26 Brisbane 4.10
Brisbane’s season is in shambles after starting the season very strong, they can’t seem to do anything right since then.
They have now lost Fev due to injury and are also with out Brown so will struggle against the speed of the Blues.
Keep an eye on Eddie Betts, I expect him to have a big game against the Lions as he continues to give one of his best seasons with the Blues.
Hawthorn V Western Bulldogs Firday Night at the MCG
Tip: Western Bulldogs
Odds: Hawks 2.30 Bulldogs 1.62
This is a danger games for the Bulldogs and they will be going into the match under pressure to perform.
The game will be won in the middle where the Bulldogs match up better and should kick more goals than the Hawks from these players. These goals will be the winning margin at the end of the match.
Take the Bulldogs to win by over 25 points paying $2.70 at Sportsbet
Fremantle V Port Adelaide Saturday at Subiaco Oval
Tip: Fremantle
Odds: Fremantle 1.12 Adelaide 6.35
Freo will easily take care of the Crows which will see them stay in the top 4.
Home game wins are very important to them this year as they strive for a top 2 finish to the season and two home final games.
Young gun Michael Barlow will be keen to repeat his B.O.G performance with 4 goals and 30 possessions.
My prediction is Freo will get a good percentage booster and win by over 60 points paying $3.00 at the moment.
Collingwood V West Coast Saturday Night at the MCG
Tip: Collingwood
Odds: Collingwood 1.06 West Coast 9.30
Another one sided affair match with the potential to blowout to a big margin.
Collingwood looked top class last week at the SCG and will be confident they will repeat their efforts.
If your looking at Wooden Spoon betting it might be worth getting on the Eagles before this game as they will likely go to bottom of the ladder after this weekend. They are currently paying $1.70 to take home their first spoon but are sure to shorten by Monday.
Adelaide V Essendon Sunday at AAMI Stadium
Tip: Adelaide
Odds: Adelaide 1.65 Essendon 2.25
Essendon’s season has come to a screaming halt losing their last 3 games and I predict the trend to continue to make it 4.
Adelaide showed they can play good footy when they put their mind to it and at AAMI stadium I think they will turn it on for their fans.
The Bombers are yet to win outside of Melbourne this year and hasn’t beaten the Crows in S.A since 2022.
Geelong V North Melbourne Sunday Skilled Stadium
Tip: Geelong
Odds: Geelong 1.16 North Melbourne 5.30
This is a huge test for both clubs with some doubt coming into the Geelong side.
The Kangaroos have the upper hand of a week off and coming off a comfortable win. Geelong on the other hand were “found out” last week and have lost a couple of their key players in Johnson and Mooney.
Being at Skilled Stadium I think the Cats will get the job done. Geelong won their last encounter over the Kangas at Skilled Stadium by a massive 70 points last year. I predict the Cats winning margin to be much shorter than that at around the 30 point mark.
Richmond V Sydney Sunday at the MCG
Tip: Sydney
Odds: Richmond 2.10 Sydney 1.74
I’m pretty confident that the Swans will get the points at the MCG with “the better Riewoldt” likely to be held well by inform backman Lewis Roberts Thomson.
The Swans will have a field day up forward with Bradshaw and Goodes who are much stronger by their opposition.
Sydney will be desperate to get a good win and keep in touch with the top 8.
St Kilda V Melbourne Sunday at Etihad Stadium
Tip: St Kilda
Odds: St Kilda 1.15 Melbourne 5.75
The Saints are a class side and will expose the youth in the Melbourne team to get a massive win and needed percentage booster.
St Kilda kept the number 1 attacking side Geelong goalless in the 2nd half last week so I feel for the Melbourne forward line who are likely to have a quiet day.

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Refuse to Lose $100사설토토

Maybe it was just a tad unhealthy. Maybe it was mildly crazy.
With one day to go before the official weigh-in of the weight-loss bet, I was 214 and still had to lose two pounds. There was no way I was going to give away $100. I had already been miserable all week, eating healthy and pretty much avoiding 사설토토, plus running every day. I barely had any energy to run – it’s amazing how different you can feel based on diet. Anyway, on Thursday, I had a grand total of two wheat thins, eight carrots, and a piece of cheese. It was brutal – hungry, no energy, headache. And just a bit delirious – I’m pretty sure I saw god in my dreams – I’m not sure if I was asleep or awake at the time. I might have joined a fight club without my knowing it too. Then on Friday I woke up early and tried to go for a three mile run, but didn’t even make it two miles, walking the rest of the way. I knew I was in trouble when I noticed I wasn’t running in a straight line, more like a drunk trying to walk.
Before I went to work, I stopped by the ATM just in case. Then I went to the convenience store and bought poptarts, a banana, a frappuccino, and a water. I could hardly wait – but I had to. When I got in, I weighed myself. It had to be 212.6 or less. And it was…208.8 – whoa. I had lost five pounds in one day. Maybe I went a little overboard. Oh, those poptarts were sweet – best unhealthy breakfast food ever. And I gorged myself the rest of the day too. I probably gained the five pounds back. It was so nice to have some energy again. Four out of the six of us who entered the bet succeeded, so the winners split up the $200 evenly, $50 apiece. Not bad.
Even though I won, it’s not something I ever plan on doing again. That was way too difficult, and I discovered that I really enjoy carbs. So sorry Dr Atkins, but I’m going to have to officially decline your endorsement offer.
Christmas in Summertime
I’m a big NBA fan. As they say in the commercials, I Love This Game. I know the NBA gets a bad rap sometimes, and granted the finals weren’t all that exciting, but I don’t know what’s not to love about humans doing things that there’s no way I could ever do no matter how hard I tried. When five superhuman athletes are on the court and working together as a team, it’s poetry in motion and nonstop action.
Once the NBA Finals are over, it’s sports depression for me until football season rolls around. I can’t really get into regular season baseball, and golf bores me except for the majors, so I’m left twiddling my thumbs until preseason football.
Except tonight. The NBA Draft. The only must-see viewing event of the year besides the Super Bowl. Christmas in July. Well, almost July. Will any big names like KG or Kobe be traded? Where will Tar Heel Brandon Wright be taken? Where will Chinese big man Yi Somethingorother be taken? Will Rayshawn Terry be drafted? Will the Hawks draft yet another forward who won’t pan out? Who’s going to break out the top hat and cane?
I’m giddy. Can’t wait.

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March Tourney Slot Gacor Hari Ini

Saturday night I played in a NL home game tournament. It was the first time I’ve played in almost 2 months.

My wife was out visiting her family, so I spent most of the afternoon playing video games. It probably wasn’t the best way to prepare for the Slot Gacor Hari Ini tournament, but oh well.

Before the tournament, there was a small cash game going on. It looked like a brutal game, before I sat down, there was a kid that just lost a big pot and started crying. It was horrible. Well, I sat down anyone and bought in for $20 (It was a $0.50/$1 NL game). We only had about 10 minutes before the tournament so it was a quick game. The last hand, I limped with 6-6 and the flop came 4-5-6. I called a medium-sized bet with only the bettor in the pot. The turn was a 2 and we both checked. The river was a A and I thought I was probably good and bet the pot. Unfortunately, he called and showed a 3. He said he put me on 7-8. Weird.

But, I did end up $8 before the tourney started, so not too bad.

We started the tournament with 35 players, 3500 in chips and 25/25 blinds. I don’t remember really any of my hands from the first couple levels (I should write them down next time.) But, I do remember that there were 2 all-ins in the first level with someone getting knocked out of the tournament. So there was some action.

Once we went down to 3 tables, a new player sat down at my table. From the times that I’ve played with him, he usually switches from loose/aggressive to tight. When he sat down, it looked like he wanted to push the table a bit. I limp UTG with 7-7, the new player is to my left and raises to (i think) $400 with the blinds at $50/$100. Everyone folds and I call. The flop comes 8-6-5. I check and he bets $600. I call. I think he as 2 big cards, but he could have an overpair too. The turn is a 2 and I check and he bets $1100. I call and the river is a J. Not the best card for me. I check and he checks behind and shows AQ.

In another hand, with the blinds at $50/$100, I call a button raise to $300 with AJ. The flop comes A-Q-3. I check and the button bets $600. I raise to $1600 and the button moves all-in for like 6000. So far, I’ve seen this guy call all the way down with Ace-high and bet all the way with bottom pair. At first, I really didn’t put him on any decent hand. Then I remembered earlier in the tournament, they called out this guy’s name for knocking out 2 players in the first level, so he obviously showed some hands too. I was feeling OK with my play, so I folded. He showed pocket 3s. Whew.

I remember that about halfway through the tournament I was thinking about how weak I was playing and that I needed to get a little more aggressive if I wanted to do well. After that, I started raising more pre-flop and taking down some pots with flop bluffs.

When we were down to 2 tables, I was pretty lucky on some hands. I doubled up with flopped middle pair against a good draw. Then, with the blinds at 200/400, the pocket 3s guy raised to 1100 preflop. It was folded to me in the BB and I look down to K-K. I moved all-in for about 6000. He thinks for a good while and finally calls thinking I have 2 big cards. He shows 9-9 and doesn’t get lucky.

It seemed like time flew by and I was sitting at the final table. I had a little above average stack at the table. I tried taking the pots that nobody wanted and kept my head above water. Once we were down to 5 players, a relatively tight player raises to $2100 with the blinds at 300/600. I’m on the button and reraise to $6k with AK. He thinks for a second and moves all-in for about 11k more. I put him on a big hand because of his style, but I also know that he could be putting me on a weak hand. I call and he shows AQ. Lucky for me that I wasn’t dominated. I end up winning the pot.

With 4 players left, the short stack was nursing his chips for most of the final table. He finally finds a hand and moves all-in for about 6000. I’m in the BB for 2000 and have 9-9. He doesn’t show his hand, but it didn’t matter much since I flopped a 9. There was a K on the turn which had me a little worried, but ultimately he shows AA for the loss.

With 3 players, I’m again in the BB and the button raises to 4500. It’s an easy call with 7-9. The flop gives me 2 pair and I’m golden when I hit the full house on the turn.

Then it was down to 2. At this point it was almost 3 (thanks daylight savings time) and I was really tired. I was down about 70,000 to 55,000 with 1000/2000 blinds. We decide to go for a chop. If this were an afternoon tournament, I would have finished. Especially since I was setting up the other player for about an hour before we were heads-up.

Anyway, it was a fun tournament. Thanks again to the hosts for letting us in (and those honey roasted nuts were great).

Ah, one more thing before I go back into hibernation. What is the common tipping ettiquette for tournaments? I usually tip 10% of my winnings up to $100 (I don’t play too many big tournaments). I noticed that some people don’t tip. Hopefully this is because they don’t know the correct amount. So could you leave some comments on what you think are good amounts.

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Ryan Sweeting FLIPS OUT After Kaley Cuoco Beats Him in Tennis: Watch The Hilarious Video!

Much of Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram page is devoted to singing the praises of her husband, Ryan Sweeting. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK
Now that Kaley and Ryan are creeping up on one year of marriage, however, we’re beginning to see some cracks in their facade of perfection.
Last week, Kaley admitted to asking Ryan’s permission before getting a haircut – a confession that definitely rubbed some of KC’s feminist fans the wrong way.
Prior to that, Cuoco-Sweeting divorce rumors circulated following the reports of a blowout fight at Emmy awards after party.
Now, in perhaps the clearest sign of trouble in paradise thus far, Kaley posted a video of herself handing out a straight-up whuppin’ to Ryan … on the tennis court!
Ha! Lost to a girl! Oh well, no big real, right?
Well, it wouldn’t be, were it not for the fact that Ryan still considers himself to be a professional tennis player.
It’s easy to look at this video and assume the Cuoco-Sweetings posted it as a joke – which is certainly possible – but there’s also reason to believe the footage shows a legit, heated match between the newlyweds.
Though Ryan’s a pro, Kaley is no slouch in the athletic department herself, and the actress excels and continues to compete in a number of different sports.
Did you like 33 Hottest Pics of Kaley Cuoco? If so, please share:Get more content like this delivered to your inbox for FREE:
She’s spoken in the past about how competitive she and Sweeting are, and while we imagine he beats her nine times out of ten, it’s entirely possible she occasionally gets a point in.
Especially considering that these days, Ryan’s top priority is booze.
And on those occasions, it’s not hard to imagine Ryan flipping out. We’ve heard rumors about his hot temper and in this situation it’s easy to see why he might be a little pissed.
Imagine your wife just signed a $90 million contact, and then she proved she’s better than you at the one thing at which you excel. It might put you in a racket tossing mood.
Then again, she could buy you a gold, fire-breathing unicorn.
If you’re Ryan Sweeting, you might as well just put on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 3, laugh at the sitcom and your own good fortune, then get over it.
Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Sisterly Stress
We delved into the background of Walter on Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2.
Via a flashback early on, viewers learned that Walter’s sister, Meghan, has MS, a condition that is slowing worsening and confining her to a home.
This illness – along with the personal responsibility Walter feels for tracking down a cure – tied in very well with the Scorpion Case of the Week, as a group of kids were targeted with a deadly virus by a grudge-holding bio-hacker.
Joel Gretsch, meanwhile, guest-starred as the governor of California.
The character was also an ex-researcher at a major pharmaceutical company, which made the politician the target of a former member of a spinal disorder drug trial who he and his team wronged when they pulled the drug from contention for that disease.
Following along so far? Okay. Good.
Paige finds out about Walter’s sibling and her colleague’s past attempts to cure her in a very emotional moment between the two, making Scorpion come across as more than just a run of the mill procedural.
This was especially true this week because viewers also learned some background about other team members, such as Toby finding it hard to get over his ex-fiancee, a tidbit gleaned from a voicemail rejection left by Toby’s ex-flame.
Ari, meanwhile, served as comedic fodder once again, as he’s afraid of getting physically involved with the case and has firmly established himself as the lovable, sensitive, brilliant teddy bear of the team.
Our favorite scene from this episode? Probably the banter between team members after their first legitimate paychecks arrive.
It’s this sort of chemistry that will be key for Scorpion. It needs to stand apart from the MANY other procedurals on the air right now and the most effective way to accomplish this goal was illustrated here: a focus on characters over cases.

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The Night before먹튀검증 먹튀폴리스 RENO

This is my first먹튀검증 먹튀폴리  blog entry. It’s been a few weeks since my first video and I’ve been planning to write this for a while, I just haven’t had anything interesting since then. Nothing cool has happened but I figured I might as well just write about my thoughts  before a big event.

I watched the first episode of the new Poker After Dark I am on this week. They called it “Jam-Up Week” or action week for those of us that speak normal English. I think that title is crap because Antonio is not an action player, neither is Howard. Howard was there to replace Phil Ivey (who is action) because Phil had some sick action on the golf course to attend I’d bet. And Antonio likes to talk fast and give off the action player image, but he just isn’t. I’ve played with him in high stakes NL cash games and he just sits and waits for the nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s bad, it work’s wonders for him, and that’s why I consider him one of the best cash game NL players. He gets his opponents to make mistakes versus him. Occasionally he will make a big bluff or an action move, but it’s very rare and always well thought out.

So far on this episode, I’ve played many hands and won about every pot I’ve entered. Nothing wrong with that, I just wish I didn’t talk so much. It’s hard, with the producers hyping us up to talk and be active. You gotta show personality to get invited back to these things so I guess I do what I gotta do. Overall, I was pleased with how I played so far. I didn’t do anything crazy or stupid and won a lot of small pots to chip up. This week is going to get real good, so I recommend staying tuned.

Lately in major tourneys I haven’t been doing so well. I know why, which is a good thing at least. I have been losing my patience and not sitting back and letting the soft spots give me the money and I’ve been trying to force a big pot with a big bluff, which I guess is a result of not having patience. The plans for tomorrow are just to take it easy and not get involved in any big pots without a big hand. Seems pretty simple to say, let’s just see if I can implement that plan. Big hands, big pots, small hands, small pots. I really wanna do well here. I have made a final table every season of the WPT since I began playing them in 2004. There are only 3 events left in this season, here, Foxwoods next week, and the WPT Champs in April so I better get my act together if I wanna keep my streak alive.

Now that I’m an instructor I have to represent. I can’t be making any dumb moves. So this tournament is for all you guys at RPT. I’m going to play the hardest I have since December when I made the final table of the 5k NL event at the Bellagio. I’ll write another entry after tomorrow ends. I’d better still have chips!

One last thing, I am going to play a MTT on Bodog after this WPT and record that for my next video so check the updates for WPT Reno and expect that the day after I win or I’m out.

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The missing month, and the challenge to come kodok99


August came and went without so much as a post. Apparently one or two people still stumbled across my kodok99 blog, but it really has been a case of radio silence at Cell Towers. In early August this collection of ramblings passed its second birthday without a telegram from the Queen. In fact its author forgot, so you can’t blame anyone else! Of 251 posts three quarters of them were penned in the first year.

Apart from being pretty busy with life stuff I’ve played an awful lot of poker. My fantasy of playing on the laptop in the garden in the sunshine surrounded by tumbling baskets of flowers and with a glass of something chilled was a bit off the mark, though. It rained for 26 consecutive days in August and even allowing for 2007 which in itself saw a horrible summer, it was the worst I can remember.

I’ve had a look back over many of the posts that I’ve made, and some of them seem so fresh in my mind I could hardly believe that they were written in 2006. The complete obsession with sit and gos after my first faltering steps following my first deposit is as laughable as the views I held on cash games, given the fact that I’ve played virtually nothing else since March this year.

We poker players are consistent in one thing – constantly changing goals and priorities!!!

Anyone looking in who has read the blog before will know that while I’ve played a little outside my finances the basic rules of bankroll management have been numero uno. That means that I’ve sat playing NL5 more or less exclusively without any threat at all of going bust and slowly but surely growing my roll. But even at a rate of 12BB/100 hands consistently for six months it will take me around a year to be fully rolled for NL10. I had considered moving up when my profits hit $250 (they’re currently $190), but before I had the chance to put that into effect something else cropped up which has changed everything.

BurnleyMik approached me with a staking deal – to say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. Recognising my predicament (which I’d mentioned on the Raise The River Forums ) he offered $400 on Cardoza at NL20 which obviously opens up all sorts of avenues for me. Full details can be seen in the Staking Forum on RTR, but having spoken to him at length on MSN it’s clear that he knows the risks, views the stake as a long term commitment and is prepared to lose the lot. I very much hope that won’t be the case, but poker is an uncertain game.

I’ll do another entry on how this has changed things for me, the pressures (yeah, even at NL20!) and the opportunities at a future date. The major difference is that I’ll be able to change my naturally conservative play, increasing potential rewards without the worry of the downsides. That in itself presents challenges because it takes a while to change a style of playing which has developed over six months

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