The High Stakes Rail – 12/13/09-12/19/09

This week seemed to be a break in the monstrous pots that we’ve become accustomed to. With the largest pot at $200,000, Isildur1’s dropping down to the $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables this week was definitely felt. The big winner this week was Brian Townsend taking down huge hands in Pot-Limit Omaha. However, he was not the recipient nor was he involved in this week’s largest hand.

The largest hand this week was between DjAdi and durrrr on a $500/$1000 No Limit Hold ‘Em on Full Tilt Poker. On the button, DjAdi raised to $3,000 with 9d8c and durrrr called with Js7s. The 9s8h8s flop was huge for DjAdi giving him a full house, eights full of nines. The flop gave durrrr a gut-shot straight flush draw, and a flush would cripple him for sure. Durrrr check-raised DjAdi to $14,800 and DjAdi three-bet to $28,500. On a semi-bluff, durrrr went all-in for DjAdi’s $97,000 stack, but DjAdi had the third nuts and was not going to fold. Neither the turn nor river were a Ts and DjAdi won the $200,000 pot.

The rest of this week’s hands were all played at Full crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. On the button, Brian Townsend raised to $1,800 with QdQc6h2c and Isildur1 three-bet to $5,400 with QsJc9d7d. Brian Townsend called and saw the Qh5s4s flop give him a set of queens. Isildur1 bet $7,200 with his pair of queens and Townsend raised to $21,000 with his monster to which Isildur1 called. The Jd on the turn gave Isildur1 top two-pair. Unfortunately, he was still behind Townsend’s set of queens. Isildur1 check-raised his $72,390.50 stack all-in and Townsend called. The Tc missed Isildur1 and Townsend raked in the $197,581 pot.

In another pot between the two high-stakes players, Isildur1 raised on the button to $1,800 to which Townsend three-bet to $5,400 with AdKhJdTh and Isildur1 called. The JcAh6h flop was huge for Townsend giving him top two-pair and the nut flush draw. He bet $6,800 and Isildur1 called. The 2s was a blank and both players checked. The Qh gave Townsend the nut flush, but Townsend chose to be tricky and check-raise Isildur1’s $21,600 bet with a shove worth $83,094.50. Isildur1 called and saw the bad news. He mucked and Townsend brought in another huge pot worth $190,589

Townsend and Isildur1 produced another huge pot when Townsend was dealt AhAd9s6h on the button and Isildur1 held another huge hand, KhKd8d6d. Townsend raised to $1,800 and Isildur1 raised to $5,400. Three raises later and the stacks were all-in. The pot was worth $186,150. Unfortunately for Isildur1, the Jd7sJs9hQh board totally missed him and Townsend took in the pot.

This week was a little less exciting than previous weeks with Isildur1 going down a level to the $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables. Will he move back up to the $500/$1000 tables this week? Will he turn his luck around any time soon? FlopTurnRiver will keep you posted next week with another installment of the High Stakes Rail.

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Review of Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a popular game in many gambling jurisdictions, but nowhere is it more popular than in the larger California card rooms where it is often called Double Hand Poker. Under certain conditions, the game can be beat by a well bankrolled team. Most large California card rooms have teams called “syndicates” or “corporations” operating in them for exactly this purpose. Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker provides the definitive information on what conditions the game can be beaten, and what strategies to employ to maximize one’s profits or minimize one’s losses.


Conceptually, Pai Gow Poker is a simple game. Each player, and someone designated as the banker (which may be the casino or another player), gets seven cards. These are arranged into two hands, one of five cards, one of two cards. The only requirement is that each player’s five card hand must beat their two card hand (for example, one cannot have AK975 in the five card hand and 22 in the two card hand). For each player, these hands are compared against the banker. If both hands of one player beat both hands of the banker, the appropriate person wins. If one hand wins and one loses, then it’s a push. If one of the hands exactly ties that of another player, it is considered a win for the banker. Finally, the casino is always required to set their hand according to a moderately complex set of rules. While it’s not known to all that many Pai Gow Poker players, what the house uses are not the optimal hand setting rules, those are far more complex.


In the beginning of the book, Wong discusses what the house edge is for Pai Gow Poker and how one can overcome it. He includes examples for both California and Nevada style casinos. He is well informed here, but I think this information could have been expanded to provide more examples, including how much one needs to bank to make up for varying California house drops. There’s enough information in the book to figure it out, but I think a chart or more examples would have been awfully handy. In most larger card rooms there are “corporations” banking the game. Wong mentions these organizations, but very little is said about how they operate. Information on who is in charge of what, how much they’re making, how they’re set up, and what their relationship is with the house would be a fine addition to this book.


The bulk of the book is devoted to Pai Gow Slot Gacor Poker strategy. This is done in the sort of excruciating detail that Wong is famous for. Without a doubt, this is the definitive work in print on the optimal strategy for playing or banking (the strategies are occasionally subtly different) Pai Gow Poker. In fact, the strategy is so complex, that there are probably few people in the world who are familiar with every detail. Fortunately, Wong also provides a simplified strategy which is still better than the strategy the dealer uses and is only a little more complex. The book concludes with a quiz with some practice hands, which I think is quite valuable for the reader.


Had it been up to me, I think I would have started the strategy section of the book with the casino strategy, then presented the “simplified” strategy (highlighting differences against the casino strategy), and then presented the full-on optimal strategy. Unfortunately, the casino strategy isn’t even presented in its entirety in the book, although allusions are made to it in various places. Therefore, this book isn’t very good for the casual player who wants to at least learn how not to embarrass themselves, or for someone who wants to learn to deal the game. However, for the serious or professional Pai Gow Poker player, this book is absolutely required reading. Again, Wong has written the pinnacle of information on another gambling topic, it’s just a lot more than the casual gambler is likely to want to digest.



This is the definitive work for the serious or professional Pai Gow Poker player. However, it’s an awful lot more than the purely recreational player is going to want to tackle. While I would have liked to have seen a description of the casino strategy, more information on one’s edge against the house, and more details of the operation of Pai Gow Poker “corporations”, this book is far and away the most thorough presentation on the topic of playing Pai Gow Poker, but it is for the advanced student only.




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Translation Services UK

Greek translation at Translation Services UK

We have been one of Europe’s leading providers of Greek translation services since 1988.

As specialist Greek translators not only do we provide Greek translation but also Greek localisation, Greek proof-reading, Greek desktop publishing, Greek interpreting, Greek overseas telephoning and Greek voice-overs.

To ensure accuracy, we use only Greek mother-tongue translators and proof-readers of the very highest calibre who have a proven track record in their respective fields.

The complete Greek project is co-ordinated by our experienced project managers. They will act as your primary contact, providing all the information and advice you require at all stages of your Greek project.

Over the last two decades we have been involved in many varied Greek translation projects including: Greek websites, Greek technical manuals, Greek marketing brochures, Greek books, Greek legal translation and Greek software localisation.

Bubble Translation are ideally placed to help you whatever your Greek requirement.

French translation

We have been one of Europe’s leading providers of French translation services since 1988.

As specialist French translators not only do we provide French translation but also French localisation, French proof-reading, French desktop publishing, French interpreting, French overseas telephoning and French voice-overs.

To ensure accuracy, we use only French mother-tongue translators and proof-readers of the very highest calibre who have a proven track record in their respective fields.

The complete French project is co-ordinated by our experienced Translation Services UK project managers. They will act as your primary contact, providing all the information and advice you require at all stages of your French project.

Over the last two decades we have been involved in many varied French translation projects including: French websites, French technical manuals, French marketing brochures, French books, French legal translation and French software localisation.

Bubble Translation are ideally placed to help you whatever your French requirement.

Flemish translation

We have been one of Europe’s leading providers of Flemish translation services since 1988.

As specialist Flemish translators not only do we provide Flemish translation but also Flemish localisation, Flemish proof-reading, Flemish desktop publishing, Flemish interpreting, Flemish overseas telephoning and Flemish voice-overs.

To ensure accuracy, we use only Flemish mother-tongue translators and proof-readers of the very highest calibre who have a proven track record in their respective fields.

The complete Flemish project is co-ordinated by our experienced project managers. They will act as your primary contact, providing all the information and advice you require at all stages of your Flemish project.

Over the last two decades we have been involved in many varied Flemish translation projects including: Flemish websites, Flemish technical manuals, Flemish marketing brochures, Flemish books, Flemish legal translation and Flemish software localisation.

Bubble Translation are ideally placed to help you whatever your Flemish requirement.



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Toto HK

Hing! Hing! Bergantung di Pengeluaran Sgp! (Beruntung! Beruntung! Beruntung!)

Hari ini adalah Hari St. Patrick – mungkin hari keberuntungan bagi semua orang, terutama orang Irlandia. Saya diingatkan akan fakta ini melalui email promosi dari Captain Cook’s Casino, meskipun saya orang Amerika dan saya harus mengingat hal-hal itu.

Sebenarnya, alasannya adalah karena saya saat ini di Thailand, di mana satu-satunya hal Irlandia di sekitar adalah pub. Tetapi saya diingatkan tentang keberuntungan ketika saya pergi keluar untuk mendapatkan makanan pertama saya hari ini (jam 4 sore di sini) oleh salah satu pedagang pinggir jalan yang baru saja buka (daerah khusus ini hanya buka dari jam 4 sampai jam 8 malam). Dia menjual kulit ayam goreng.

Tidak, aku tidak bercanda. Kulit ayam goreng cukup populer di sini, karena kebanyakan masakan dengan ayam dimasak TIDAK termasuk kulitnya. Hal umum lainnya untuk dilihat adalah hati dan puntung ayam panggang – cukup murah juga (wah, saya bertanya-tanya mengapa …). Jadi di sini saya duduk, mengunyah kulit ayam goreng dan tusuk sate babi yang lezat, mengklik situs Kapten Cook berharap menemukan emas di salah satu pot Mick the Leprechaun.

Bagaimanapun, saya adalah pelanggan pertama yang membeli kulit ayam (sekantong kecil berharga 25 sen). Dia mengambil koin 10 baht, memberi saya kulit ayam saya, dan menggedornya di piring logam yang memegang Toto HK banyak kulit ayam pertama untuk hari itu, sambil bergumam “Hing! Hing! Hing!”

Itu membawa kembali ingatan yang saya miliki dari bertahun-tahun yang lalu, ketika saya menjadi pelanggan pertama di warung makan lain di pagi hari. Wanita itu mengambil tagihan 20 baht dan melakukan hal yang persis sama.

Rupanya, ini adalah kebiasaan lama di antara orang Cina (atau orang Cina Thailand, atau orang Thailand yang suka berpikir bahwa mereka orang Cina) untuk selalu mengambil uang pertama yang mereka hasilkan setiap hari dan menggedornya pada produk yang mereka jual sebagai tanda keberuntungan. Saya bisa membayangkan bangun pagi-pagi sekali, pergi ke pasar segar, dan melihat semua wanita tua Tionghoa ini meneriakkan “Hing! Hing! Hing!” serempak dan membangunkan tetangga…

Jadi, lain kali Anda memainkan slot CashSplash atau slot di Vegas, dan mencapai pembayaran pertama Anda, ambil koin, pukul mesin (atau komputer) tiga kali dan ucapkan “Hing! Hing! Hing!” – jika Anda benar-benar beruntung, dan Dewi Hing Pengeluaran Sgp tersenyum kepada Anda, Anda mungkin memenangkan jackpot…

“Hing! Hing! Hing!”

Katakan… apakah Mick baru saja menjatuhkan emas di pot #5?….

Perbarui… itu pot #4! Hing! Hing! Hing! Dua yang beruntung sebelum saya… 7 lagi menyusul! Jangan lupa untuk melantunkan!




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Togel Hari Ini

Save Togel Hari Ini Casino Hopping for Trips to Vegas

Variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to gambling on the Internet, it can also be the kiss of death.

The greatest example of bringing variety into your gambling experience is casino hopping up and down the Las Vegas Strip. In one day, you can gamble in Paris, Monte Carlo, New York City and Venice; you can pop in and out of a castle, a pirate ship and a pyramid; you can visit a beach, a rainforest and an active volcano. The many surroundings accessible via a quick cab ride are a big reason why the Strip is so darn exciting.

But here’s the thing with Internet gambling: Whether you’re in an office cubicle, a cold room in the basement or the den, your surroundings will always remain the same no matter how many different sites you visit. The only reasons to switch from site to site are if you’re unhappy with the service at one site, you find a site with better odds or you want to play games or make wagers that aren’t available at the site(s) where you’re currently a registered player.

If you fancy skipping along from site to site for the sake of keeping things interesting, you could be asking for trouble.

I’d be the first one to tell you that gambling online isn’t nearly as dangerous as the general public perceives it to be. Nevertheless, bad apples do exist, and if you keep picking apple after apple, you might just get a bad one.

If you’re happy with the site(s) where you play–if the software, the games, the odds and the customer service are to your liking–stick with it and be happy that you found a winner. If you’re of the mind that there’s a whole lot of variety out there, I’m here to tell you that very few gambling sites–contrary to what many operators want you to believe–offer a truly unique experience.

Don’t wander off the safe path!

Leave the casino hopping for your next trip to the Strip.

$50,000 Up for Grabs at Paradise Poker

A $50,000 promotion nudges Paradise Poker a few steps in the direction of becoming poker paradise.

The site, a virtual poker room where Togel Hari Ini bettors can play over the Internet against real opponents, will give away $50,000 to celebrate the dealing of its 50 millionth hand. The first prize of $100 will be awarded to players dealt cards in game No. 47 million. Plus, the winner of that hand bags a bonus $500. Prizes will then be given out every 500,000th game in the same manner, only the closer to the magical 50 millionth hand, the higher the prize.

The player who wins hand No. 50 million grabs $5,000, while the rest of the players in that hand win $500 each.

Prizes will be credited directly to players’ accounts immediately after they play in the winning game.

Each prize-game winner will be asked to select a charity to which Paradise Poker will donate the same amount of money that’s awarded to the winner. The prize-game winners will be contacted via email by Paradise Poker support to obtain the full details of their favorite charities.

Paradise Poker will courier a bank draft directly to the winning player’s charity of choice, although the selected recipient must be a worthy and registered charity. In the event a player does not select a specific charity, Paradise Poker will make the donation to the United Way International Costa Rica affiliate.

Play-for-free games and one-on-one games will temporarily stop right before each of the important games to ensure that they’re dealt at a real money table with lots of players.

The 47.5 millionth hand has already been played, and approximately 500,000 hands are played every two days, so players interested in getting in on it will have to act quickly.


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best online casino singapore smoke’s effect on dealers studied



Researchers from the Nevada School of Medicine have received a $2.3 million federal grant to conduct the first clinical study into how second-hand smoke affects casino dealers.


“We are very excited,” said Chris Pritsos, chairman of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Nutrition and the lead researcher on the project. “The findings will be important for the state, given the number of people employed by casinos.”


Pritsos conducted a preliminary study in 1997 that determined anti-oxidant vitamin supplements might provide some protection against second-hand smoke. The new study will be a continuation of the earlier research.


“This study could create a database that we could mine again and again for information,” said Dr. Jim Christensen, an allergy and asthma specialist and member of the Clark County Health District’s board. “We could wind up with a powerful tool for studying lung ailments, cancer rates, heart disease and a myriad of other health problems associated with second-hand smoke.”


A study published last month in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found Nevada had the fewest smoke-free work environments in the country. Nevada has most adult smokers in the nation, and also the highest rate of asthma and deaths from smoking related illnesses. Casinos and hotels employ 25 percent of the Clark County work force.


Pritsos’ grant was awarded by the National Institutes of Health, and the research project is the first major study into the effects of workplace exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.


Researchers are looking for 375 nonsmoking casino dealers to participate in a four-year clinical trial. Blood samples will be used to determine levels of environmental tobacco smoke exposure, as well as cancer and cardiovascular risk factors, Pritsos said.


The workers in the new study will be divided into three control groups. One group will take daily doses of vitamins and the mineral selenium while the second group takes lower doses of the same supplements. The third group will receive placebos.


Second-hand smoke kills nearly 400 people in Clark County each year, said Robin Camacho, spokeswoman for the American Heart Association’s Las Vegas office. More than 60,000 nonsmoking Americans die each year from illnesses related to second-hand smoke, including heart disease and lung cancer, Camacho said.


Camacho said she hoped Pritsos’ study would encourage the best online casino singapore


  – gaming industry to stop viewing smoking as essential to casino profits.


“Tobacco lobbyists wield powerful influence, and the public needs to be aware that our state does nothing to protect these casino workers from second-hand smoke,” Camacho said Wednesday.


Several casino workers have filed a class action suit against the tobacco industry claiming illnesses from exposure to second-hand smoke. A federal judge tossed out the suit in July, stating there were too many individual factors for a class action suit. That decision has been appealed.


Sachiko St. Jeor, director of the Nutrition Education & Research Program at the School of Medicine, and Dr. Michael Pelton, a professor of internal medicine, will collaborate with Pritsos.


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judi online 24 jam

Tips dan Panduan Memainkan Judi Slot Online Agar Meraih Kemenangan

Panduan yang lengkap dan benar dalam bermain games slot online-  kini permainan judi slot online sudah sangat berkembang dalam dunia asia atau pun dalam dunia perjudian slot online. dan perlu di ketahui juga, sangkin banyak nya penggemar permainan judi slot online ini, sekarang terkenal dalam belahan dunia. selain menarik, judi slot online ini  juga sangat di mainkan karena terbukti dari permainan nya yang sangat ramai di mainkan baik dari usi remaja, oleh wanita dan bahkan oleh ibu rumah tangga. permainan ini sangat banyak di gemari karena sangat mudah di mainkan. sudah banyak situs judi yang menggunakan slot games untuk membuka website mereka karena sangat banayk yang tertarik.  dan mungkin masih ada yang belum mengerti bagaimana cara bermain slot games judi online ini, maka admin akan membahas bagaimana cara bermain slot games yang benar. Berikut ini beberapa cara panduan dalam bermain game slot yang tepat sebagai berikut :

  • Memahami Cara Memainkan Judi Slot Online

Pada permainan slot games online ini, yang sudah sangat populer di dalam kalangan judi, sudah banyak sekali cara cara memainkan untuk meraih sebuah kemenangan atauoun meaih jackpot dalam bermain slot games judi online.  dan games judi online slot games ini sangat mewajibkan pemain nya untuk slealu memasang nilai taruhan yang sudah di tentukan dan kemudian juga jackpot yang akan anda dapatkan ketika anda meraih nya  dalam kemenangan nanti juga akan anda dapatkan dalam kemenangan game slot judi online.


  • Bermain Judi slot Online Dengan Tidak Terburu-buru Alias Tenang

Pannduan lengkap dalam bermain slot games online yang paling pentung juga adalah bermain dengan sabar dan tidak menggunakan emosi adalah hal yang paling penting. di karenakan hati nsesorang dalam bermain games online adalah tidak ada yang tahu bagaimana cara dia bermain games dan seberapa sabar dalam menghadpai permainan yang akan di alami adalah yang paling utama.


  • Bisa Mengendalikan Modal Yang Dimiliki

Panduan yang baik selama bermain judi online adalah anda harus mahir dalam bagaimana dan dalam waktu waktu mana saja anda harus bisa bet rendah ataupun bet tinggi. bet lah nilai taruhan secukup anda untuk dapat mensisakan kembali uang anda agar dapat bermain permainan lebih panjang. dan pastinya untuk mencukupkan modal anda untuk bermain di permainan selanjutnya.


  • Jangan Serakah

Pada tips selanjutnya adalah anda juga harus dapat menahan emosi anda dan harus menjaga agar anda tidak ikut terpancing untuk anda agar memasang nilai taruhan lebih besar lagi.  jika anda sudah mengalami kalah yang berturut turut sampai 5 kali,maka anda sudah boleh berhenti bermain dana anda bisa mencoba nya di lain hari karena mungkin saja pada waktu itu anda sedang tidak ada hoki.

Cara bermain slot games ini juga tentu nya sangat mudah di pahami  oleh hampir semua kalangan usia di indonesia dan di dunia asia baik itu wanita atau ibu rumah tangga sebagai hiburan untuk menghibur diri dari kesibukan beraktivitas sehari hari . salah satu daya tarik utama untuk slot games sendiri ini adalah terdapat banyak bonus bonus yang menggiurkan terutama untuk bonus jackpot nya juga sangat mudah untuk di raih. berikut ini admin akan menjelaskan beberapa tehknik bermain slot games untuk mendapatkan jackpot yang mudah :


  • Memilih Judi Slot Online Yang Sesuai Dengan Kita

cara untuk menang jackpot dalam slot games online yang terutama adalah memilih slot games yang memang pada dasarnya atau pada umumnya yang ramai orang memainkan nya. mengapa demikian? karena dengan memilih slot games yang yang ramai di mainkan oleh pemain adalah sebuah peluang untuk ,menang yang besar.


  • Perlahan Tapi Pasti Dalam Menaikkan Taruhan

tips yang berikut nya untuk anda agar  bisa mendapatkan jackpot adalah, menaikkan jumlah total taruhan anda. maksud nyaa dari menaikkan jumlah taruhan anda di sini adalah, ana harus menaikkan taruhan ketika mesin slot games berhenti pada kombinasi jackpot. dan dengan menggunakan cara ini maka anda harus bisa memprediksi muncul nya jackpot tersebut.


  • Memiliki Target Saat Mendapatkan Jackpot

Target Jackpot dalam sebuah permainan tidak bisa didapatkan hanya dengan satu kali putaran mesin slot saja. Apalagi jika Anda ingin mendapatkan Jackpot dalam jumlah yang progresif, maka pemain harus bertahan, bersabar melakukan permainan untuk beberapa kali putaran. Bermainlah terus menerus sampai akhirnya Anda tahu kapan waktu yang tepat bonus tersebut bisa keluar dari mesin judi jackpot online. Target kemenangan Jackpot ini harus diingat sebagai sebuah pembelajaran untuk bisa mendapatkan jackpot di mesin yang lain


  • Meraih Beberapa Kali Kemenangan

Cara Mendapatkan Jackpot Slot Game Online berikutnya adalah bermain terlebih dahulu dan memenangkan beberapa putaran saja. Ini adalah salah satu cara yang paling ampuh dan cepat untuk mendapatkan bonus jackpot dalam waktu yang cepat. Dengan Anda setidaknya menang 3 kali spin berturut-turut, maka peluang keluarnya jackpot akan sangat besar.


  • Latihan Terus Menerus

Cara Dapatkan Jackpot Slot Game Online terakhir yang wajib Anda terapkan adalah latihan secara terus menerus. Latihan sambil melakukan taruhan adalah cara yang plaing efektif untuk menambah skill dan meningkatkan pengalaman. Dengan begitu, maka pemain akan mendapatkan hal baru demi kesenangan yang terus menerus dan berpeluang mendapatkan jackpot yang jumlahnya sangat besar di dalam setiap permainan yang dilakukan.

Itulah beberapa  langkah langkah yang harus di lakukan untuk anda para penggemar pemain slot games online untuk mendapatkan jackpot yang besar di palace393. semoga bermanfaat bagi anda. Namun, slot judi online 24 jam yang satu ini menggunakan uang asli sebagai bahan taruhannya. Ya, judi Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania ini menyediakan “modal”, yakni koin virtual yang dijadikan sebagai bahan taruhan dalam bermain slot. Sehingga, tidak ada unsur perjudian dalam permainan ini. permainan Slot Online judi yang terpenting adalah user ID sebelum kamu memulai memainkan game slot yang kamu ingin mainkan di . Sebagian orang mungkin sudah biasa dan mengetahui cara mendaftar dalam sebuah situs judi online,tetapi tidak dapat dipungkiri masih banyak nya orang awam yang belum mengetahui cara dasar mendaftar di situs judi online. Namun, terdapat beberapa langkah atau tips-tips penting yang harus kamu ketahui. Tentu saja tanpa mengetahui langkah-langkah atau tips-tips penting ini.

Peluang kamu untuk memenangkan game Judi Slot online sangatlah kecil. Kecanggihan teknologi dan informaisi membuat game slot menjadi jauh lebih gampang untuk dimainkan. Dimana kini, seorang bettor bisa memainkan game slot online hanya bermodal smartphone Android ataupun IOS. Selain itu, judi ini pun juga menyediakan jackpot koin virtual yang cukup melimpah bila Anda memenangkan permainan slots dalam satu sesi. Oleh sebab itu, sebelum Anda mendownload dan memainkan judi Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania ini, maka Anda harus mengerti terlebih dahulu cara mudah main di situs judi sbobet dalam permainan judi game slot online terbaik  di Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania ini

Anda tertarik untuk memainkan judi ini melalui mobile gadget. Namun, Anda tidak paham terkait tata cara memainkannya ? Tenang, kami akan membagikan cara main judi judi online slot yang satu ini. Untuk itu, silahkan simak cara mudah dalam memainkan permainan judi slot online ini Langkah pertama tentu saja Anda dipersilahkan untuk download judi Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania.

Judi ini dapat Anda download secara gratis melalui store app mobile gadget Anda. Setelah berhasil download dan install, silahkan Anda login menggunakan akun gmail atau akun sosial media lain. Langkah kedua adalah menetapkan jumlah taruhan. Anda diminta untuk memasukkan nominal taruhan guna mengikuti satu sesi judi slot online di Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania. Tapi tenang, taruhan yang digunakan adalah koin virtual yang disediakan secara gratis oleh pihak pengelola judi tersebut. Judi online slot ini memang mengandalkan keberuntungan dalam bermain. Ya, setelah Anda mensubmit jumlah taruhan yang Anda pasang, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah menekan tuas slots di mesin judi slot. Apabila Anda beruntung, maka Anda akan mendapatkan 3 gambar dengan model yang sama.

Itu artinya, Anda memenangkan satu sesi judi slot tersebut. Sehingga Anda berhak mendapatkan hadiah jackpot. Namun, apabila Anda mendapati 3 gambar yang tidak sama, maka Anda dinyatakan kalah dalam permainan tersebut. Tidak apa-apa, Anda dapat mencoba kembali selama koin virtual yang dijadikan sebagai bahan taruhan masih cukup digunakan. Apabila koin virtual tersebut habis, maka Anda dapat menunggu beberapa saat hingga koin virtual tersebut tersedia kembali. Nah, itulah beberapa langkah mudah dalam memainkan permainan judi game slot online terbaik di Slots Casino – Jackpot Mania. Situs judi online slot terpercaya  dengan nama slot mania Slots Casino ini sendiri terbukti lebih menarik dan juga sangat seru ketika dimainkan dibandingkan dengan permianan lain yang sejenis.

Dari segi judi play sendiri permainan yang satu ini sangat nyaman dimainkan oleh setiap orang dengan umur yang berbeda-beda. Ukuran dari judi ini juga tidak terlalu besar sehingga akan nyaman dimainkan di smartphone meski menggunakan spesifikasi standar. Sangat tidak heran apabila anak-anak tertarik dengan permainan yang satu ini. Dari segi grafis sendiri perminan ini terlihat sangat menarik perhatian dan terlihat penuh warna. Terlebih dengan adanya teknologi 3D yang digunakan akan menjadikan anak-anak lebih terhanyut pada judi slot ini. Selain itu, musik yang menjadi backsound pada judi ini sangat bagus dan membuat anak tidak mudah bosan meskipun memainkannya setiap hari. Untuk permainan online yang bagus tentu memiliki banyak mode permainan. Untungnya lagi, Slot mania Slots Casino ini meskipun hanya menyediakan judi mesin slot saja, tetapi mesin-mesin ini telah didesain dengan banyak tema yang dapat dipastikan tidak akan membuat anak-anak menjadi jenuh. Selain itu terdapat lebih dari 200 lebih mesin slot dengan tema yang berbeda-beda.

Demikianlah ulasan singkat mengenai permainan judi slot online yang ada Casino yang terbukti sangat aman meskipun dimainkan oleh anak-anak. Judi mesin slot yang satu ini sama sekali tidak mempunyai unsur perjudian atau pemborosan uang, namun sebagai orang tua sudah sewajarnya jika tetap mengawasi porsi perminan agar anak tetap dapat menjalani aktivitas lainnya.Semoga artikel ini dapat memberikan referensi yang tepat untuk kamu. Selamat bermain!

Untuk dapat meraih untung besar, Memilih Situs Judi Slot Indonesia yang Memberikan Bonus Terbaik adalah pilihan yang tepat. Terkadang bonus tersebut dapat menutupi modal awal yang sudah kita keluarkan. Jadi pada dasarnya kalian bertaruh dengan cuma-cuma tanpa modal sedikitpun. Saat ini banyak sekali Situs judi online yang  ada terus memberikan bonus yang terlihat menarik, namun tidak sedikit dari banyak bonus tersebut adalah scam ataupun hanya untuk menipu agar kalian mendaftar pada situs tersebut. Memilih situs yang tepat adalah persiapan pertama dan yang paling utama bagi kalian yang ingin bermain Judi Slot Online. Karena peranan situs judi sbobet Online ini akan sangat berpengaruh terhadap kenyamanan dan kepuasan kalian dalam bermain Slot Game Online dengan taruhan uang yang asli. Untuk itu kalian perlu mengetahui apa saja ciri-ciri situs judi sbobet online yang Terpercaya yang bisa kalian gunakan untuk melakukan pendaftaran dalam bermain berbagai jenis permainan Slot Online ini.

Dalam memilih Situs judi online yang memberikan bonus terbaik, pertama-tama kalian perlu memastikan apakah Situs tersebut merupakan situs yang resmi atau tidak. Situs resmi biasanya memiliki lisensi resmi dari badan perjudian internasional. Dengan adanya lisensi resmi ini juga menandakan bahwa situs judi sbobet online memang sudah tersebut bekerja sama langsung dengan berbagai jenis permainan Judi yang dimiliki situs tersebut. Hanya situs judi sbobet online yang Resmi sajalah yang akan memberikan bonus terbaik dan masuk akal. Setelah memastikan jika situs tersebut resmi, kalian dapat melihat sendiri bonus ataupun promo yang mereka berikan. Situs judi Online  sbobet yang Terpercaya di Indonesia akan mencantumkan bonus-bonus yang mereka miliki pada situs mereka. Jadi para calon member dapat mengetahui terlebih dahulu keuntungan yang bisa mereka dapatkan sebelum melakukan pendaftaran pada situs tersebut. Tampilan situs ini juga selalu dibuat simpel dan menarik demi kemudahan kalian dalam mengakses semua informasi. Jika kalian sudah memilih situs judi sbobet online yang kalian inginkan, kalian sudah bisa melakukan Daftar Slot Online dengan mudah dan cepat. Setelah pihak situs judi online nantinya memang sudah mengkonfirmasi akun kalian dan aktif, barulah kalian dapat mulai bertaruh dan bermain pada permainan Slot Online. Disini ada lagi keunggulan yang bisa kalian lihat dari situs judi sbobet memang sudah terbukti sangat jelas sekali. Mereka pasti akan memiliki berbagai macam Mesin Slot Online denganm berbagai variasi dan tema untuk kalian mainkan. Dengan banyaknya permainan Slot Online yang bisa dipilih, maka kalian tidak akan merasa bosan dengan jenis permainan yang itu-itu saja. Kalian dapat mengganti permainan kapanpun kalian mau. Dan satu hal lagi bahwa situs judi online sbobet adalah situs judi yang terbaik dan pasti akan selalu membayarkan berapa besarpun kemenangan yang kalian terima. Jadi kalian dapat bertaruh sebesar mungkin jika kalian mau. Itulah tadi sedikit ulasan …

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Slot Gacor

Spread-Limit Seven-Card Stud: Playing Slot Gacor on Third Street

In a typical structured-limit seven-card stud game, the number of hands you can enter a pot with depends on the size of the ante: The higher the ante, the more hands you are forced to play since it costs so much money to sit and wait for a hand.


In $1-$5 spread-limit seven-card stud, there is no ante. Does this mean, then, that the correct strategy is never play a hand unless you are rolled up with trips on third street! Well, not exactly. The spread-limit structure allows you such a cheap look at fourth street — ($1) compared to the maximum amount you can bet on later streets ($5) — that you can actually play a lot of hands on third street (since the potential size of the pot is laying you a very big price). The key to playing spread- limit seven-card stud well is determining just which hands fall into that group “a lot of hands on third street.”

In all stud games the biggest determinant of the value of your hand is whether or not your cards are live. In spread limit this is a much more important factor since in low spread-limit games pots tend to be more multi-way — and the more people in a pot, the more likely you will have to improve your hand to win. You can’t improve your hand if your cards are dead. The looser the structure of the game, the more the liveness of your hand matters.

As long as your hand is live and, thus, has the potential to develop into something big, you can enter pots with little caution for the $1 limp. For example, if the tens, eight’s, and fives are all live, the 6s 7d 9h is playable for $1. If you hit your perfect card, the eight, on fourth street, you have now developed a very big draw and one that will win the pot most of the time you hit the straight. But remember and beware: Playing a hand on third street for the $1 limp is a lot different than paying the potential $5 to continue after fourth street. If you only marginally improve your hand on fourth street, for example hitting a ten or five for an inside straight draw, you must now throw your hand away since the size of the pot is small (a maximum of $8 if the whole table is playing) compared to the size of the fourth street bet (usually $3-$5). If you get in for the cheap $1 limp on third street, then the pot is never going to be laying you the right price to draw to a marginal hand like the inside straight on fourth street.

Small pairs, especially with a straight-flush kicker, are also playable for the $1. For example, if you hold the 3d 3s 4s and the diamonds and threes are live, you can again play to try to hit a big card like the 3h or the 5s on fourth street (especially if the threes are concealed). But again, you must play with caution after this point: When you hit a four, making you two baby pair and you are against a lot of opponents, this holding will not win many multi-way pots. And, remember, the small pot on fourth street is not laying you a very big price to call $3 to $5. Either throw your hand away or, if you feel that a raise will either win the pot right there or thin out the field sufficiently to drastically increase your chances of winning the Slot Gacor pot without improving, raise on fourth street. Calling is almost never correct. Small three flushes with no over cards to the board are also playable for the $1 limp for the same reasons mentioned earlier. If your suit is live, your hand can develop into something big on fourth street if you hit perfect. And if you bust on fourth street, it is easy to throw your hand away.

With all these types of hands, if you limp into the pot for the $1 and someone raises $5 behind you, throw your hand away unless most of the players in front of you also call. You don’t want to get involved with a weak hand that only has the potential to develop into something big if you have to pay a lot of money to get to fourth street. The only value in the types of hands mentioned here is that you can play them cheaply in a spread-limit game, try to make a big draw, and win a big pot when you charge everyone $5 dollars on each betting round after you hit your hand, If you have to pay too much money to even see fourth street, then the implied odds are no longer good enough for you to continue with these hands.

Of course, there is an exception to this rule of only limping into the pot when you have a weak hand with lots of potential: When a lot of players have limped in, in front of you, it is correct to go ahead and raise the bet to $3. All the players who have limped in ahead of you will call your raise, so you know you are getting a good price on your bet. Your hand has a lot of potential, and you have now built the pot to a point where it will offer you a sufficient price to continue with your hand when you hit some of your better marginal cards on fourth street. More importantly, your opponents will have a tendency to check to you (when you are not high card) on fourth street if you have raised on third street. This means that when you hit your hand very marginally to very badly, you can check back — giving you two opportunities to improve.

Now that you know how to play weak hands with lots of potential, how do you play your very biggest hands, such as rolled up trips? First and foremost, do not raise the full $5 into the $1 bring in. Your opponents will most certainly fold and your goal is not to win $1 with hands as big as this. Make it $3 to go, just enough to entice your opponents into chasing you and building a big pot that you will win most of the time — including when you don’t improve. Even when there are lots of limpers in front of you, you should still not take the maximum raise since this will tend to limit the field. When your hand is this big, you want a lot of company.

If you have a big pair (a pair where there is no more than one unduplicated card on board higher than your pair), use a different strategy than you would with your very biggest hands. Slow playing a big pocket pair is very popular in small-limit stud games. Inexperienced players are always looking to trap all their opponents with a hand like this (treating a big pair as if it were trips). It’s a big mistake: Big pairs do not play well in large, multi-way pots. More often than not these inexperienced players end up trapping themselves.

Although a big pair is a strong hand, you will most likely have to improve in order to win a multi-way pot — unlike in the case of rolled up trips. Since big pairs do not play as well in these kinds of pots, your goal is to limit the field. Therefore, when there are many limpers in front of you, raise the maximum. This will cause most of your opponents to drop, leaving you in a heads-up or three-way pot — the ideal situation for this type of hand.


In spread-limit, the trick is to get in cheap, if you have a weak hand with potential, and entice your opponents into building up the pot, if you’ve got your very biggest hand. Keep your eye on costs. And profits.





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European ligaz11 Poker


Since my last article on the POKER MILLION you should now be aware of the great success it was. Despite a great learning curve encountered by the Ladbrokes team in running tournaments such as this, I’m pleased to report that without a shadow of a doubt it was an immense success amongst the players and the viewing public.

The worlds BIGGEST players all turned up. Even though only 156 entrants took part, the fact that the final was shown LIVE on TV gave it something that no other poker tournament in history has ever gotton before. An audience of 300 million.

Watching the final LIVE, I was initially sceptical of the camera work. It appeared not to know how to show poker on TV. My fears were soon drowned in the tension & drama of the whole occasion as John Duthie, a tv producer from London, played the game of his life to become the UK’s first millionaire on TV. The second, incidentally, came 24 hours later when Judith Kempell won the £1M first prize on UK tv’s ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.

TV audience numbers show that although POKER MILLION was watched by substantially fewer people from the UK than ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. The drama & excitement was the same, as each decision was considered once, twice and then again before deciding the course of action to take.

People really want to see winners! The bigger the winner the BIGGER the audience. Of that I have no doubt. Poker Million will be back next year.

So what now…where does poker go from here?? Well next time I’ll tell you all about another UK TV poker extravaganza which is about to reach its climax.

Jon ShoremanWhat does every single poker tournament come down to? A head to head battle for the title. That’s the theory. Unfortunately in practice it very rarely happens. The reason is two fold. Firstly a deal is often struck before the head to head is reached, and secondly the blinds are often so high by the end of a tournament that the heads up match often only lasts a few hands.

All this is set to change with the inaugural “World Heads Up Poker Championships” which will take place in Vienna next June.

Heads Up No Limit Holdem is the ultimate poker challenge, a test of true skill, it’s you verses your opponent.

During all rounds of the “World Heads Up Poker ligaz11 Championships” the blinds will not be increased. You will also be given plenty of chips to play with, ranging from 50 Big blinds in round 1 up to 80 Big blinds in the final. You therefore do not have to worry about beating the clock and increasing blinds eroding your chips.

We are promoting the event worldwide and are projecting an entry of 256 players in the inaugural year. With a buyin of Euro 2,500 ($2,200) the estimated prize pool will be Euro 640,000 ($536,500). You are only 8 matches away from a first prize of Euro 250,000 ($220,000).

Satellites are being arranged all of the world, the first of which will be held at the Crown Casino Melbourne, Australia Dec 16-17.

If you would like to play in a satellite at your local casino please ask your card room manager to contact the organizers. Contact information, and further details of the event can be found at the official “World Heads Up Poker Championships”

Hi, my name is Mark Strahan, and welcome to my regular articles covering poker topics and news throughout the UK & Ireland. More information on Poker in the UK by visting Poker Pages’ Poker Info page.

Most subscribers to this newsletter have probably never heard of me, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My interest in casinos has grown throughout most of my adult life, since the building of Burswood Resort Casino in Perth in the late 1980’s. By the early 1990’s I had obtained work at this casino as a Dealer and was trained in all the major games, but my interest lay mostly with Poker.

Since then I have worked for a Cruise Line and am now employed at Crown Casino where I have worked all positions from Dealer to Pit Boss. For those of you who have not visited Crown, it is the largest casino in Australia and also has the largest Poker Room in the country.

Most of my time at Crown has been spent working in the Poker Room which over the last three years has ignited my interests as a player. Although my poker playing skills have improved over the years, I have only one tournament win to my name. This was the Moscow International Teams event 2000 in which I was part of a team that was made up from four Crown employees. Does this prove that casino staff can play?

Enough about me. In future issues I hope to bring you all the current news and information about Poker Down Under. The next big event is the Heads Up Satellites at Crown Casino on the 16th and 17th of December. The winners of these satellites will win an entry in next years World Heads Up Poker Championships in Vienna. Look out Vienna, the Aussies are coming!




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UFA Under the Gun

Constantly pistol-whipped and brow beaten by an onslaught of competitors for playing so many marginal hands sitting “Under the Gun,” it was time to refocus on my playing strategy and examine my game for easily detected flaws. “You’ve got to Inspect what you Expect!” So I decided to perform a thorough self-examination and I focused on a point in time during tournament holdem’ play where many consider you make your most critical money making decision: Under the Gun!

There was no beating around the bush and so I started by asking myself what cards were playable, or rather raise-able from this position. But then I had a much better idea, and I thought about the true champions and legends of poker, and the writers, who in these types of magazines hint that they too have “game,” and decided to ask them for their thoughts. This is what they had to say:

The following scenario was presented to each person surveyed:

You find yourself Under the Gun at the final table of a UFA no-limit holdem’ super satellite event with 7 unknown opponents and 2 world-class champions seated directly to your right. The blinds are $2,500 and $5,000, and you are in dead last with $67,000 in chips. The players between you and the button are all medium to low stacked. The chip leader with $650,000 is the big blind, followed by the $275,000 held by the small blind. Your cards are KJd; what would you do? And why?

If you were the chip leader in the same seat with the same cards, how different would your approach be to playing or not playing this hand?

Having provided that scenario I quickly found out how smart these guys and gals really were. I was instantly bombarded with questions: Do I know the other players at the final table and their style of play, how many seats are up for grabs, did I make a mistake in the blind amounts, and on and on. Okay, I confess, not ever having been to the final table at a big event, I might have left out a “tiny bit” of information, but like troopers storming a ridge, they still all responded with caveats to my scenario. So here’s what they said, almost word for word, and my humiliation!

Susie Issacs responds:

I’m mucking the hand for several reasons and here are three: #1 – There will be several seats awarded (you haven’t said how many but I assume in a super satellite there would be 4, 5, or 6), so I am mostly interested in survival. After I get through the blinds I would still have $60K left and now many hands to look at, possibly in better position. There are too many players to overcome if I commit that early. #2 – With lesser strength cards I would have a better chance at bluffing at the pot from the button on even 1 or 2 hands behind the button. #3 – Mucking that hand in that position gives me time to find a better hand or better position to bluff. While waiting, other players may go to war, it takes only one chip to win a seat…

If I were the chip leader, I am still going to throw the hand away. I am not looking to win the most hands or chips; I am just trying to win a $10K seat. Survival is key.

Mike Sexton responds:

I still think you need to include the most important detail – How many seats are being awarded? The blinds compared to your stack still give you time to play. However, I have no doubts that the chip counts are wrong. Back to the question. I believe the correct answer is to move-in, with Fold being a close second. There is no other choice. You still have enough chips to put a dent in the others, and you don’t have to worry so much about the blinds because as many chips as they appear to have, they do not need to play a pot (and most likely wouldn’t unless they picked up a real big hand). They wouldn’t call with A-10, or A-J for example. (I can say that because you said they were top players) Also, when you move-in in the first position, people put you on a BIG hand.

Rolf Slotboom responds:

First of all, the ratio of the blinds is rather low in relation to the amount of chips in play; this would be unusual for a super-satellite, right? Before you read my comments, please keep in mind I am a money player. It is unusual for me to enter more than ten tournaments a year and I never play satellites; therefore my opinion regarding the situation you describe is just that: an opinion (nothing more, nothing less).

In the case you describe (BB only $5,000, me as the short stack still $67,000), I wouldn’t mess with KJ under the gun, the game still being eight-handed. Had the BB been $20,000, I might very well have committed by raising all-in, but now I have a little more time: if I fold now and I also fold my blinds I still have $60,000 left to try to find a better situation to get my money in.

Regarding your second question: even though I tend to be very aggressive in the (few) tournaments I play, whenever I’ve accumulated a lot of chips, with blinds only this size, there doesn’t seem to be any need to become aggressive now. If I put in a lot of chips now, I will only get action from hands better than mine. So I’m not going to put a lot of chips at risk to try to win only $7,500 (the total sum of the blinds). If I’m not mistaken, there are more than $1,000,000 in chips on the table, so the small and big blind together account for a lot less than 1 percent of the total chip amount.

Daniel Negreanu responds:

You’ve left out some important information, how many seats are they giving away? Regardless of that fact, considering all the possibilities I move all-in.

Since I’m the short stack, I likely have to increase my stack to get a seat. If however I had 300,000 in chips, I would likely make it 20,000 to go and most likely fold to a re-raise.

Matt Lessinger responds:

In your first scenario, where I am the low chip man UTG with KJd, it is an easy fold. I may be in last in chips, but I am nowhere near being blinded off, so I can afford to be patient. And with two world-class players in the blinds with large stacks, there is no sense getting involved with such a marginal hand.

If I am the chip leader, the situation changes. I don’t think you could ever be completely wrong for folding KJd UTG under any circumstances, but you would be more correct in playing it if you have the table chip lead.

Matt goes on to say, “In no-limit, stack size is almost as important as what cards you do play. But that works both ways. You can’t just concentrate on your own stack size; you have to worry about the relative stack sizes of each and every opponent. That is the one piece of information that has been left out.

Lou Krieger responds:

Al, although this scenario is a bit dicey because you’ve not provided any indication about the playing style of the opposition, and not all world class players have the same style. Some, like Berry Johnston and Tom McEvoy, are more deliberate, while others, like John Bonetti love to mix it up. In addition, I have no insights into the playing styles of those less-than-world-class opponents who are also at the table.

However, since I am in last place in a super-satellite, and am assuming that only a few will win entries into the big dance, I need to gather some chips, so here’s my thinking.

If I raise from under the gun by making it $10,000 or $15,000 to go, my opponents will either credit me for a pair – any pair will do – or a hand with an ace in it. I’ve not yet reached the point where I have to play just about any hand for all my chips; I still can see some cards before my stack is that depleted.

Opponents who act after me are unlikely call my raise without a hand that can beat a pair, or an ace with a reasonable kicker. As for the two world class opponents who are hovering to my right with lots of chips, I assume they will also call me if they have hands that can beat an ace or a pair – unless, of course, they are skilled enough to read me for a steal – with precisely the kind of hand I have. Even so, I’m not so short stacked that either of them will probably want to risk putting me all in unless their cards can support their actions. One of them might come over the top if he’s holding an ace, figuring that I might not want to commit all my chips in a position where I figure to be either a rather small favorite or a big underdog.

Before I raise with this hand, however, I’ve got to be willing to commit all of my chips if any of my opponents come over the top. If I am not willing to play this hand for all my chips, I really shouldn’t play it at all. I certainly have enough in front of me to see the impending blinds – and another round after that – and still have more than $50,000 in front of me.

If I were the chip leader at the table instead of the short-stack, I’d surely raise by making it $10,000 to go. But if someone came over the top of me, I could easily afford to release my hand, since I’d really be risking no more than a very small percentage of my stack in an attempt to steal the pot with a marginal holding. If I come in for that kind of small raise as chip leader and am called, I’m going to put my opponent all in if I flop a king, a jack, a straight draw, or a flush draw. Moreover, I’ll probably put him to a decision about most or all of his chips if the flop is ragged and he’s a solid enough player to release his hand to a big bet on the flop.

Andy Glazer responds:

Lovely, I have position on two guys and they are the ones with big stacks and who play well.

I have plenty of time, and there’s probably not much limping going on at this stage of the tournament, so much of this hand’s value – the flush or high straight – isn’t working for me. I’m likely to be heads up with someone who will pop me back for the rest of my chips, and I don’t even have an ace in my hand. The goods news is the two big stacks are both smart enough to know they don’t have to take risks. However, just folding and waiting for a moment where I have position on the big stacks and know whether they will be in there or not might be better.

If I’m the chip leader, my hand goes into the muck so fast people might think I’d never been dealt cards. Why would I want to risk a giant stack in early position when I’m practically a lock for a seat without playing a hand?

Despite the lack of information provided by yours truly, it was very interesting to note the real questions raised by these respected players and authors. Although approaches varied, “stack sizes, position and information relating to opponent styles were indeed as important …

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