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Ryan Sweeting FLIPS OUT After Kaley Cuoco Beats Him in Tennis: Watch The Hilarious Video!


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Much of Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram page is devoted to singing the praises of her husband, Ryan Sweeting. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK
Now that Kaley and Ryan are creeping up on one year of marriage, however, we’re beginning to see some cracks in their facade of perfection.
Last week, Kaley admitted to asking Ryan’s permission before getting a haircut – a confession that definitely rubbed some of KC’s feminist fans the wrong way.
Prior to that, Cuoco-Sweeting divorce rumors circulated following the reports of a blowout fight at Emmy awards after party.
Now, in perhaps the clearest sign of trouble in paradise thus far, Kaley posted a video of herself handing out a straight-up whuppin’ to Ryan … on the tennis court!
Ha! Lost to a girl! Oh well, no big real, right?
Well, it wouldn’t be, were it not for the fact that Ryan still considers himself to be a professional tennis player.
It’s easy to look at this video and assume the Cuoco-Sweetings posted it as a joke – which is certainly possible – but there’s also reason to believe the footage shows a legit, heated match between the newlyweds.
Though Ryan’s a pro, Kaley is no slouch in the athletic department herself, and the actress excels and continues to compete in a number of different sports.
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She’s spoken in the past about how competitive she and Sweeting are, and while we imagine he beats her nine times out of ten, it’s entirely possible she occasionally gets a point in.
Especially considering that these days, Ryan’s top priority is booze.
And on those occasions, it’s not hard to imagine Ryan flipping out. We’ve heard rumors about his hot temper and in this situation it’s easy to see why he might be a little pissed.
Imagine your wife just signed a $90 million contact, and then she proved she’s better than you at the one thing at which you excel. It might put you in a racket tossing mood.
Then again, she could buy you a gold, fire-breathing unicorn.
If you’re Ryan Sweeting, you might as well just put on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 3, laugh at the sitcom and your own good fortune, then get over it.
Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Sisterly Stress
We delved into the background of Walter on Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2.
Via a flashback early on, viewers learned that Walter’s sister, Meghan, has MS, a condition that is slowing worsening and confining her to a home.
This illness – along with the personal responsibility Walter feels for tracking down a cure – tied in very well with the Scorpion Case of the Week, as a group of kids were targeted with a deadly virus by a grudge-holding bio-hacker.
Joel Gretsch, meanwhile, guest-starred as the governor of California.
The character was also an ex-researcher at a major pharmaceutical company, which made the politician the target of a former member of a spinal disorder drug trial who he and his team wronged when they pulled the drug from contention for that disease.
Following along so far? Okay. Good.
Paige finds out about Walter’s sibling and her colleague’s past attempts to cure her in a very emotional moment between the two, making Scorpion come across as more than just a run of the mill procedural.
This was especially true this week because viewers also learned some background about other team members, such as Toby finding it hard to get over his ex-fiancee, a tidbit gleaned from a voicemail rejection left by Toby’s ex-flame.
Ari, meanwhile, served as comedic fodder once again, as he’s afraid of getting physically involved with the case and has firmly established himself as the lovable, sensitive, brilliant teddy bear of the team.
Our favorite scene from this episode? Probably the banter between team members after their first legitimate paychecks arrive.
It’s this sort of chemistry that will be key for Scorpion. It needs to stand apart from the MANY other procedurals on the air right now and the most effective way to accomplish this goal was illustrated here: a focus on characters over cases.

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Wilmer Brennan
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