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Is Driving with a Cold the Same as Driving Drunk | Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc

A recent study in the UK suggests that people who drive while suffering from cold or flu symptoms may experience the same motoring tendencies that effect people who drive under the influence. If you are really health caution and looking for better consulting on “Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc“, please visit “” today.
According to this study, people who drive while ill see their ability to successfully operate a motor vehicle drop by fifty percent when compared to the same skill of healthy drivers. Sick drivers suffer from reduced reaction time and find that their concentration is impaired so much that researchers have compared them to drivers who have consumed four double whiskeys.
Young Marmalade, the United Kingdom insurance agency who, along with Cardiff University in Wales, conducted the study, warns that motorists should be aware of the impact that driving while sick can have on their operating skills, including an impairment of judgment as well as mood. The Cardiff University research team reported that they simulated driving among those participating in the study by using a black telematics box that recorded the speed and braking of the drivers studied.
However, when ABC News requested to see the full study, neither Young Marmalade nor Cardiff University offered it up. Therefore, the whole story has yet to be revealed, which has caused some skepticism among other researchers, who feel that, without all the findings, a complete assessment of them is impossible.
Staff doctors from the department of infectious diseases in a Omaha, Nebraska, hospital have questioned the findings, wondering publicly about how common is it for a driver who is ill to suffer the same effects that an intoxicated driver does, or if it is a rare occurrence. The press release regarding the study does not answer those questions.
This is a potentially sobering study to ponder, especially considering that in America half a billion colds are suffered in an average year. And though there is no data about accidents related to the common symptoms of colds and flus, ninety percent of Americans are on the road every day, and it is possible that there could be a million sick drivers among them.
It does seem like common sense to assume that a driver’s skill and ability to drive, as well as their alertness and the time it takes them to react, would be impaired by illness. Sick people, especially those with high fevers, are usually encouraged to stay at home where they can rest and recover, as well as reduce the risk of infecting others. Physicians report that there can be significant mental impairment related to illness, not to mention the ways that drivers can be influenced or made by drowsy by cold medicine (which usually warns against operating motor vehicles when in effect). Non-narcotic medication, meanwhile, does not present a significant problem. However, many researchers agree that the majority of people driving while ill are not as likely to suffer from the same symptoms exhibited by people driving while abusing substances.

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