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Thoughts on the State of QQWIN99


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I. Nelson Rose wrote a very interesting article last week on the State of Poker. I would like to offer some alternative comments and expository meanderings on some excerpts of his thoughts.
Mr. Rose’s words are in italics.
“The European Court of Justice and the European Commission have issued dramatic statements calling for the end of barriers to internet gambling. Some observers see these as the beginning of the end for America’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the opening of doors to internet poker.”
I agree with Mr. Rose that there will be a dramatic confrontation within the EU regarding online gaming and perhaps even with a special exemption for poker. I also agree that many in the United States and some Far East nations see this as an opening for them to implement laws and regulations in their own countries.
“These developments are certainly much needed good news for publicly traded online QQWIN99 companies, like PartyGaming. But I believe people are being way too optimistic in believing that changes in the law in Europe, or even direct challenges from Europe, will lead to any relaxing of U.S. federal prohibitions in the immediate future.”
I would go even further and say that positive changes for E.U. member nations poker players will actually have negative consequences for U.S. poker players. You see if the E.U. actually opens up its online gaming operations, the European Poker Tour could very rapidly replace the WPT as the premiere poker tour. Why do you think the WSOP held its first European event this year? A unified and open online poker community under the E.U. auspices could funnel thousands of players to E.U. based tournaments.
Poker or Sex
There is an online poll running that asks the question:
“What is more important, sex or poker?”
In early voting the numbers are 70% sex and 30% poker. Unfortunately the test is what we call a static answer model. Meaning no matter how you consider the question and no matter how many ways you say “Well what if?’ or “It Depends”, no matter how you ponder or wiggle; you only get to check:
A) Sex or B)Poker
What I would suggest for those serious students of poker psychology and those who consider the answer obvious, what I suggest is that you seriously answer to yourself, in private, behind closed doors, in super secret seclusion — the following: When you first read the question:
“What is more important, poker or sex?”
How long did you hesitate before delivering the (your) obvious answer?
It doesn’t matter which answer you picked. The “Sex” people will say the “poker” answer is crazy and the “Poker” people will say the same about the “sex” people. But for you, deep down inside, sitting alone in your hotel room after ten hours of poker or ten minutes of sex, the real question is— How long did you really think about it before you answered?
Only you know the answer to that question but I suggest you never tell your partner or your dealer how long you actually hesitated.

Wilmer Brennan
Wilmer Brennan
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