November 30, 2023

High speed, action, thrill, excitement are all things that draw racing pros and enthusiasts alike, to compete for a title. Since these very same things are also there in a game of poker, it is not surprising to find that racing fans are also เเทงหวยออนไลน์ fans. These two sports were meant to get linked at some point or the other. These two sports have come together in an innovative move, to raise funds for several charitable causes. The latest entrant is Nextel Cup driver, Jerry Nadeau. Along with sponsors Sugar Hill Speedway and the Racing Against Cancer Team, he will be making efforts to raise money for David’s House, a resting place for terminally ill children and their families. David’s House is located near Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. This tournament give cash prizes to the top eight finishers, and a first prize of $1250 as well as an overnight stay at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. reprots:
The “Jerry Nadeau Poker Challenge” features 11 tables of eight players each (totaling 88). Each table will feature at least one celebrity race car driver, such as Busch North Series champions Andy Santerre, Mike Stefanik, Brad Leighton, Dave Dion and Mike Olsen at the start of the tournament.
Titan Poker Ties Up With Casino Partners and Traffic Sales, for their Exclusive Marketing Campaign
Casino Partners and Traffic Sales will be beginning their exclusive marketing campaign for Titan Poker. Titan Poker enters the domain of online poker, from September 1st, 2005. In Today’s times there are several thousand online poker rooms vying with each other, in a race to attract more and more players. In this scenario, Titan Poker will definitely have an edge over the myriad other poker rooms, on account of the exclusive marketing tie-up with Casino Partners and with Traffic Sales, for media buying. The duo, Casino Partners and Traffic Sales has been extremely successful in its marketing strategy for Noble Poker earlier, when Noble Poker was bought by Empire Online. The CEO of the Poker Division of Casino Partners, Michael Katz said that he had no doubt that Titan Poker would be able to make a grand entry into the online poker arena. Titan Poker has allocated a huge budget, more than double figures in millions, for the first year of marketing. Along with the flourishing business of online poker rooms and casinos, the trend is also set for big budget allocations for huge promotional campaigns and market penetrations, in this domain. reports:
The campaigns will include television, radio, print, Internet and of course, great Poker tournaments. “We are very pleased by our success with Noble Poker and we look forward to a very bright future with Titan Poker,” said Laurent Malka, director of Casino Partners.